7 Reasons to Choose Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

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Ever wonder what the advantages of using a Bluetooth headset are? Sure, some people who use them on the street often look like they're talking to themselves, but believe it or not--there are many advantages to using Bluetooth wireless headsets. What are they? Here are ten reasons why it's smart to use a Bluetooth device:

1. Bluetooth Headsets are Wireless

There are tons of advantages/benefits to using any type of wireless and portable device. The invention of a cordless phone? Changed my life, personally. In addition to improving safety as a result of diminishing cord and wire clutter, a wireless Bluetooth headset will also eliminate holding your cell phone during long phone calls and also allow you to use your computer or laptop to surf the web, PDA, MP3 player and other devices.

2. Bluetooth Headsets and Technology is Inexpensive

Bluetooth technology is inexpensive for companies to use, meaning lower manufacturing costs, meaning lower costs for you, the consumer. This domino effect finally results in: inexpensive wireless Bluetooth technology.

3. Bluetooth is Automatic

Setting up a Bluetooth device is completely automatic. It doesn't require you to set up a connection, deal with any wiring, or even push any buttons. When two or more Bluetooth devices are within a range (approximately 30 feet) of one another, they can automatically detect each other's presence without you having to do anything. Once the communication begins, a personal network area will be set up automatically, leaving you to do whatever else it is that you need to in your life.

4. Standardized Protocol

Bluetooth technology uses a standardized wireless specification, some a more than adequate level of capability among devices is guaranteed. If you have a device with Bluetooth technology, such as a laptop, you can use the Bluetooth on your cell phone to wirelessly transfer a file onto your laptop. This also works with cell phones of different models/makes with a Bluetooth headset that has the same profile.

5. Low Interference (If Any)

By using a technique known as spread-spectrum frequency hopping and low power wireless signals, Bluetooth devices avoid interference with other wireless devices. This will avoid any unnecessary interferences, to help keep you on top of your game.

6. Low Energy Consumption

One issue with wireless devices is their energy consumption--basically how often the devices need to be charged. As Bluetooth uses low power signals, the technology requires less energy and thus, less battery or electrical power. Additionally, this is a great benefit for cellular devices because Bluetooth won't drain the life your device's battery.

7. Share Voice and Data

The Bluetooth standard allows compatible devices to share voice and data files. What does this mean? Your laptop is capable of surfing the web or sending and receiving emails as a result of a cell phone being able to establish a GPRS connection to the internet.

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7 Reasons to Choose Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

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This article was published on 2010/09/29