Bluetooth Marketing , The Future Of Marketing is Here

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Bluetooth is the new medium that is used today by business owners to market their products and services. By sending small images, videos, vouchers or even their business cards to cell-phones via Bluetooth, business owners have managed to attract more customers and to boost their sales. Nowadays, banners just don’t give the required effect like they used to. Today, Bluetooth is the way to go.
Bluetooth marketing is also known as Proximity marketing because it sends advertisements to the devices in the business proximity. Obviously, the major advantage of having the promotions delivered to customers nearby is that the recipients will have the chance to check out the products or go through the store to find out more about what is being offered..
By using the traditional methods of advertising like banners and SMS, businesses were either limited by the space of the banner or the text length that can be used to show or send the promotions. Using Bluetooth marketing, however, there are no restrictions about the size or how many advertisements are sent. Moreover, with the old marketing methods, it was impossible to send attractive media content to customers. Now, using Bluetooth marketing, a business can send:

1. Banners
2. Text
3. Animations
4. Video promotions
5. Recorded voice advertisements
6. Vouchers
7. Business cards
8. It can even send documents and software applications
What is really great about Bluetooth marketing is the fact that it can send almost anything a phone can recognize and display to its owner. So, there’s a load of options to choose from. Whether the choice is to send that video clip that has the business latest product with the phone number included or to send a special discount for the person receiving the ad, with Bluetooth marketing, it can be done with the ease of clicking a button.
To summarize the advantages of Bluetooth marketing:-
1. Bluetooth marketing is flexible and easy to setup.
2. Bluetooth messages are FREE, so, there’s no running cost for this marketing method.
3. Runs on auto-pilot: after the campaign is configured, the advertisements will be sent automatically. No need for any additional configurations or interventions.

Where can Bluetooth marketing be used?
The answer to this question is simple. It can be used anywhere…
Bluetooth marketing can be either installed in a fixed location like a shop in a mall, a gallery or a coffee shop. A crowded location would be ideal for this promotion method.
It can also be installed in a mobile location like a car or a van. If the business is mobile like taxis or even towing vans, you can install the system to send promotions to the people nearby.

It’s important to remember that the major advantage of Bluetooth marketing is that it sends advertisements to the people nearby which means it’ll have a great chance of converting these recipients into customers.

MVC, a specialized company with many UK Bluetooth marketing solutions. You can check their product “BlueMagnet” for an easy to setup UK Bluetooth Advertising software.

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Bluetooth Marketing , The Future Of Marketing is Here

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This article was published on 2010/11/01