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BT3030 Bluetooth stereo headset headphone earphone is one of the most preferred devices nowadays. This particular model is designed in a very specific manner so that it can fulfill all desired functions. The Bluetooth stereo headphones are with great sound quality that will always amuse you while you play your favorite songs. This specific model has nice connectivity with your cell phone and whenever there is a call you can receive it without touching the cell phone. It will let you receive the voice very clearly without any cuts and it has also nice operating system for mic, so the person who is calling you will hear your voice very clearly too. These Bluetooth stereo headphones are designed in a carrying model that can be hung around the neck without any difficulties and it will provide you a stylish look. Bluetooth stereo headphones are with short keys for the ease, you will be able to play music, change song tracks, increase or decrease the volume, answer a phone call without touching the cell phone.

Most of the headphones or earphones have a problem of uncomforting and pain in the muscle of ears. There might be Bluetooth stereo headphones which will offer a great sound quality but they might not suit for your ears and might cause pain to your ear muscle. This is why BT3030 Bluetooth stereo headphones have been created to fulfill both the requirements. These Bluetooth stereo headphones can be operated up to 8 hours for non-stop phone calls and its standby time is 230 hours. Its size is small enough so that you will not need to worry about breakage while putting inside your pocket or bag. It has two parts: one is a rectangular shaped small device that has receiver for the Bluetooth signal and the other is wired earphone which is connected to the Bluetooth signal receiver. The both combination make a full Bluetooth stereo headphone.

This model of Bluetooth stereo headphones is aided with light so that it can be operated easily even at night or when there is no light. You can play music through this Bluetooth stereo headphone for 7 hours. It can work as clothing clip too. The earphone part can be exchanged if there is any problem or if you wish to have different color combination. It is durable enough according to the price and you will get more that what you pay.

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Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

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This article was published on 2011/06/09