Driving While Taking Calls

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Now that almost everything is digital, mobile phones have become an important part of people’s lives. People have grown dependent on mobile phones that it is difficult spending a day without one. Mobile phones have forever changed communication by breaking down long distances. They help us connect with friends and relatives regardless where they are in the world.


In the past, mobile phones were just analog phones which can only perform one function: to make and receive calls while on the road. Over the years, mobile phones have evolved into all-in-one gadgets. Most mobile phones today have radio, text messaging, built-in cameras, web services, and Bluetooth connectivity.


Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology that allows several devices to connect at once without having problems with synchronization. Bluetooth uses 79 different radio channels that are only 1 Hz apart. The receiver can then use these radio signals to communicate with any device with a Bluetooth adapter. An adapter has a card that can receive Bluetooth signals from the receiver and then communicate these signals to whatever device the adapter is connected to.


A Bluetooth device can also be used in cars. There are now many Bluetooth car kits that are designed to provide a safe and convenient solution for a hands-free driving experience. A Bluetooth car kit works when the automobile’s ignition is on. The kit will automatically locate a Bluetooth-enabled phone within range and set up a connection that synchronizes the car kit with the mobile phone.


A Bluetooth headset in the car enables you to talk on the phone without having to pick it up and put it in your ear. The main advantage of Bluetooth car kits is that it saves you the trouble of being distracted while driving, preventing accidents. Mobile phones account for half a million injuries and 200 deaths each year. Hence, there are state laws against people who use phones while driving.


A Bluetooth device for cars can detect and communicate with phones over a distance of around 30 feet. Bluetooth car kits are usually linked to the car stereo, so any playing music is automatically muted when there is an incoming call. Some are also built with voice recognition that allows users to call without dialing.

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Driving While Taking Calls

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Driving While Taking Calls

This article was published on 2011/11/01