Mobile Bluetooth Craze Comeback

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Bluejacking became popular in 2003 when many of the well known media organisations started reporting on the new mobile craze.

So what is Bluejacking, for many people who have never come across it, this is still an unknown phenomenon. Put simply Bluejacking involves sending anonymous text messages to other phone users via Bluetooth within range.

Most mobiles now come with Bluetooth functionality. This is a short range radio feature usually covering distances of 10 metres. You can search for other handsets using this feature and accept messages sent from other users.

You can start by creating a contact in your phone's address book using the message you want to send as the name for the entry. You should be able to send this contact as a message or electronic business card.

Using Bluetooth to send the message will prompt your mobile to search for Bluetooth enable devices. Hence the contact bearing your message can be sent to any Bluetooth enabled mobile within range without them knowing who sent the message.

How to Bluejack

1) Enable Bluetooth on your mobile. This will ensure your phone can be found by other Bluetooth devices.

2) Create contact in your phones address book using your message as the name.

3) Use Bluetooth as the medium to send the message. This will prompt your phone to search for Bluetooth-enabled phones within range.

4) A list of active mobiles will be listed as your target.

5) Pick a target from the phones within range and send the contact to them.

As more and more people become familiar with their Bluetooth feature on their mobile and start using it to connect to other devices such as hands-free ear pieces or car kits the likelihood of finding another mobile with Bluetooth enabled is very high.

Simply try searching for Bluetooth devices when you are in a shopping centre, train station or even a bus and you will see that the search results in many active devices.

What this means is that the craze that started over 6 years ago may now find the right platform to re-launch.

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Mobile Bluetooth Craze Comeback

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This article was published on 2010/04/02