Optional: Bluetooth Car Stereo With Wireless Close Contact

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Used to think high-tech products such as Bluetooth, there is a remote sense of distance, a bit far away from real life, but actually Fun Bluetooth is not imaginary is so difficult. 11 holiday period taking the time to run to the bridge near Kin Tak blue sky for most of the original car's cassette machine, this has driven a trend in one step directly mounted on the Bluetooth host, simply put, is in general CD Machine based on the increase of Bluetooth, since I changed the song of this rhyme GR-6610, it can read U disk and SD card, this feature very convenient and practical, just head also handle those bits and pieces memory card can spend. Not many others have said, following on to this song just for the rhyme Bluetooth Car Audio Example simple to talk about how the host 6610 Fun in the car Bluetooth. STEP1: matching the vehicle ignition and opened the Bluetooth audio host, they can choose to "match" the. Long press the Bluetooth button on the left panel about 3 seconds or so, there will be "PAIRING" words, open the phone's Bluetooth device to search, the phone will be found to "BlueTinum" device, enter the password "1234" confirmed after the completion of matching.

STEP2: looking after the completion of each match to open the host, the machine will automatically search for Bluetooth devices, then panel screen "LINKING ...", that it is searching for Bluetooth signals, at this time the phone's Bluetooth function is turned phone will automatically find the signal, and then quickly displays a request on the phone and cell phone connections. STEP3: butt connection request information received after the press confirmed the thumb of a consent docking, then the screen will display the Bluetooth host "LINKOK", which indicates an active Bluetooth connection is successful, the wireless communication can be achieved. STEP4: communication phone calls, voice calls will be by car built-in microphone and speaker to receive or transmit hands-free calls, and can play host to the screen and access phone number, if the last call did not give a Then back again through the end-term. In addition, this host can also supports voice dialing, but only requires the docking of the mobile phone functions. Also be noted that when the phone calls, voice calls directly from the Car Stereo spread, but this time the music or the sound of FM radio will automatically switch to silent mode, so the phone will not have to scramble to close the radio, to protect the safety of driving the process.

As we more concerned about cell phone compatibility, these two days also tried the effect of many other Bluetooth phone, borrowed a Nokia test phone connection, MOTO, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Philips and other models almost no delays, or find the status of equipment, sound quality is also relatively clear fluid. In fact, Fun Bluetooth is not difficult, the host and a pair on the phone easy to get, get started operation very simple. All in all, as an affordable and built-in Bluetooth car audio host, the song rhyme GR-6610's performance is relatively the color of.

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Optional: Bluetooth Car Stereo With Wireless Close Contact

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This article was published on 2010/10/21