What is Bluetooth Headset?

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Mobile phone is no longer fresh, and it gradually gets into people's life. In the past few years mobile phone developing very rapidly, market sales is also reached high record. But, as a mobile phone's first big affiliated fitting, Bluetooth headset market is dim when compared to mobile phone market.

Bluetooth technology from being put forward until mature technology is a long time, including for ordinary consumers the main application is bluetooth headphones, but why are cell phones can so hot, and bluetooth headset is so dim? In fact in the European market, the application of bluetooth headset is extensive, and it is used by many people. The domestic market for European market there are still certain hysteresis, mainly because the general consumers are not very understanding for bluetooth headset.

For bluetooth headset, many friends don't quite understand what is going on. The clear impression of the mobile phone is wireless headset, for you belong to dispensable. Other early contact with bluetooth headset product friend, due to the limitations of the technology at the time, the function of the bluetooth headset is not perfect, left the bluetooth headset use inconvenient impression.

This article is about a bluetooth headset related knowledge, and the most important is explain to us what the bluetooth headset or what role it plays in the life of cell phone use.

Mention bluetooth headset. We have to say first bluetooth technology. What is bluetooth technology, I believe a lot of friends have their own understanding, but maybe they do not understand it very thoroughly. Bluetooth is a wireless data and voice communications which open global standard, and the essence of content is fixed for equipment or mobile device of the communication between environmental establish common Radio Air Interface (Radio Air Interface), and the Communication technology and Computer technology will be combined in the future, to make all kinds of 3 C equipment (Communication-Communication, Consumer Electronics-Consumer Electronics, Computer-Computer) in no lines or cable connected to each other. It can be in close range realize a fast, convenient and flexible security, low cost and low power consumption data and voice communications. Say simply, bluetooth technology is a use of low power radio in all kinds of 3 C equipment data transmission between each other of the technology. It is the biggest effect is to be able to replace traditional microwave network of all kinds of the complexity of the transmission line.

Bluetooth headset is launched by Ericsson, IBM, and five companies in 1998. "Bluetooth" is a word derived from 10 century Danish king (English translation for Harold Bluetooth), because he loved to eat blueberries, so tooth often dyed blue, so had a "Bluetooth" nickname. Industry officials mainly take its "unity" meaning, used to name the wireless local area network.
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What is Bluetooth Headset?

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This article was published on 2012/03/13