Why is called Bluetooth?

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Bluetooth name is not foreign to the executive or fan-type highend mobile, sophisticated and apply the latest technology. Moreover, in every activity of business communication, whether via cell phone or PDA (personal digital assistance), the user is helped by his presence. One of the most perceived benefit is practicality bluetooth to build a personal access network (PAN) in a wireless or wireless.

BLUETOOTH is a cable replacement technology that could get rid of clutter in the wiring that connects between a computer with a keyboard, mouse, printer, sound system, digital cameras, fax machines, terminals VCD or MP3 music player and more.

The presence of Bluetooth makes a person no longer be rotated to any cable, any color, go to any, and should plug into where. The function of interconnection between the equipment can be replaced by bluetooth chipset is installed on the built-in electronic equipment related.

Mythology behind the names

Bluetooth is the name of the person, that Harold Bluetooth (in English) or Harald Blatand (Danish), Viking king of Denmark in the years 940-985, which managed to continue the struggle of his father King Gorm Deck Gammel, unites Denmark with Norway.

The name Bluetooth is an impressive picture of a blue tooth or butut. Connotation is not so much confused, because according to the story mythology, Viking King of Denmark was supposedly haired and dark skinned. He loves to eat blueberries or strawberry, it becomes feasible when the teeth Blatand bluish or blue tooth.

What a name. Not about the blue tooth or teeth stained, Bluetooth remains Blatand, namely the Viking king who had an important role in uniting people with neighbor states. This piece of folklore, mythology, bluetooth is prominent in the 10th century.

Eleven centuries have passed, but still sticking bluetooth name and even more known, because that name is now immortalized as the name of the latest communications technology products. When Harald Blatand own performance and to unite Denmark and Norway supremacy, (although the two countries is not a single country), bluetooth 21st-century role as a unifier or a bridge connectivity antaraneka high end technology products that can interact and operate through the control of the bluetooth chipset attached to the related products. Red line between mythology and the supremacy of technology are now becoming more connected.

In mobile applications, bluetooth built-in installed on the HP terminal types along with multiple high end features that are very diakrabi by his fans. Even an executive can be considered gatek (stuttering technology) when not assuming the bluetooth communication equipment. For the businessman or executive director, Bluetooth would always be faithful in his hand. Whether in the form of personal digital assistants - PDAs, cell phones, laptop, or a small wireless earphone in the ear that can be used to eavesdrop gently stereo MP3 digital music.

The idea of beginning a radio chipset Ericsson Mobile Communications initiated in 1994. However, Bluetooth was chosen to commemorate and honor of Harald Blatand services. The main target of the project is making a low cost radio chipsets and low power, as the phone interface with all the features developed. In 1998, five companies have joined the pilot project and Ericsson formed a special group or the Special Interest Group or SIG.

In the development of the nine vendors join the world of telecommunications, ie Ericsson, Intel, IBM, 3Com, Lucent, Microsoft, Nokia, Toshiba, and Motorola. Currently more than 2,000 corporate or community members joined in the Bluetooth SIG lovers. With bluetooth they offer more value in their products to market targeting top customers. In the next 2-3 years, Bluetooth will certainly be mass produced and integrated into a variety of office equipment products, household, health, medical equipment, automotive, music, games, and entertainment. Bluetooth would be a drastic lifestyle change and how to work office equipment and household appliances.

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Why is called Bluetooth?

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This article was published on 2010/10/27